Volunteer Info

It takes an incredible number of people to organize this event and to be ready to feed and entertain 600+ people in less than 2 hours. This event is a produced by the United Methodist Men from the Dripping Springs United Methodist Church, but we could not successfully pull off this event without the help of the larger Drippping Springs community. We invite anyone who would like to be involved in this event to contact us and get signed up on a team. There are many ways to contribute and there are more than one place to put your skills to work.

We are already prepping for the next Wild Game Dinner and are holding a spot from you, please visit the Volunteer Sign-up page. If you have a particular skill or interest you want to put to good use, we encourage you to contact one of the Team Captains listed below. For general inquiries, contact our Chairman (chairman@dswildgamedinner.com) or Vice Chairman (vicechairman@dswildgamedinner.com).

 Committee  Team Captain  Email
Auction (Contributions) Mat Daniel auctions@dswildgamedinner.com
Auction (Spotters) Wayne Burkland spotters@dswildgamedinner.com
Clean Up Brandon Shook cleanup@dswildgamedinner.com
Cooking Wayne Burkland
Jerry Hollingshead
Kyle Hollingshead
Desserts Clay Harris desserts@dswildgamedinner.com
Drinks Brett Garner drinks@dswildgamedinner.com
Finance Larry Swofford finance@dswildgamedinner.com
Food Service Rick Collier foodservice@dswildgamedinner.com
Kid Zone Laurel Bradford kidzone@dswildgamedinner.com
Kitchen Neil Graff
Dan Jackson
Man Power (open) manpower@dswildgamedinner.com
Meat Processing Heath Nickes
Dan Northrup
Curtis Wiederhold
Meat Sales Dave Sutherland meatsales@dswildgamedinner.com
Promotions / Social Media Paul Brown
Mark Ambrose
Sponsorships Brian Johnson sponsors@dswildgamedinner.com
Sponsor Service Jack Breese sponsorservice@dswildgamedinner.com
Technology / Website Steve Meyer technology@dswildgamedinner.com
Ticket Sales (Dinner) Mark Coffelt ticketsdinner@dswildgamedinner.com
Ticket Sales (Raffle) (open) ticketsraffle@dswildgamedinner.com
Transportation (open) transportation@dswildgamedinner.com